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Haku Trek is a development initiative in the Chicón valley and is a collaborative project between the NGO ProPeru and the local community of San Isidro de Chicón. The Haku Trek ecotourism project aims to provide an alternative form of employment and income for the inhabitants of Chicón. It also aspires to educate tourists about this unique environment.

This village and valley are home to many rare plant and animal species including the Queuñal forests. These forests are located at 4780 meters above sea level and are considered some of the highest and most unique forests, with trees growing and sustaining life at the highest altitude in the world. The area boasts over 1000 species of plants, many of which are vulnerable and rare.

Unfortunately, the mixed forests located at the base of the valley are the most accessible source of firewood for the inhabitants of high altitude villages like Chicón. If this deforestation continues, the Queuñal forests will disappear.


At present, there are three main sources of income for the community of Chicón, all of which contribute to the destruction of the surrounding pristine forests.

  1. Agriculture
  2. Raising animals such as cattle and sheep.
  3. Deforestation for firewood.

It is also hoped that this project will generate enough profit to provide income to the people of Chicón and resources for protection of the environment. By participating in one of our treks, you are contributing to the protection of the forests, endangered plants, and animal species in the area.

Below is a some information about how Haku Trek funds are distributed:



Distribution of funds


Haku Trek Telephone: +84 9613001 Email: hakutrek@gmail.com

This project is sponsored and supported by ProPeru A division of ProWorld Service Corps

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